Car Wash VacuumsTo Maximize Customer Experience

Sonny’s CarWash Vacuum design team will craft a custom site layout optimizing flow, improving throughput and delivering customer satisfaction with the best-selling system in the industry.

Sonny’s CarWashVacuums

Maximize Customer Experience

Sonny’s Super-Duty series combines the inherent durability of our independent drive configuration (which reduces stress and premature motor wear) with the most robust internal components available. The result is the most durable vacuum we’ve ever built! Now available in custom branded colors.

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The industry’s best-selling central vacuum with professional grade durability to maximize uptime.

  • Up to 30HP can support 14 drops per producer
  • Professional grade stainless-steel tank and hardware

Always On

Four-step filtration and separation process reduces clogging and improves turbine performance.

Premium Efficiency

High-speed balanced impellers power up to 14 drops on a single ultra-efficient producer.

Swap Assurance

In the rare event that you experience diminished performance, we’ll ship you a replacement.

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Super-Duty™ Central Vacuum System

Sonny’s Central Vacuum Systems are completely built in-house and all impellers are high-speed balanced for total quality control.

Stainless-steel separator with 6-inch connection points and rolled mesh pre-filter collect dirt and debris from the vacuum manifolds through (10) 3-micron filter bags, allowing for the cleanest air to go through your vacuum turbine.

Vacuum Booms & Canopies

Provide customers an inviting, free vacuum area that doesn’t require a lot of staff, or effort, and is always ready-to-serve the next customer. It all starts with Sonny’s boom design that keeps hoses securely off the ground providing better access to both sides of the vehicle and reducing wear and tear. Choose from different boom styles, canopy colors, drop kits, attachments and piping.