Car Wash Business Get Expert Advice to Build, Buy, or Grow

Choose Sonny’s CarWash Services and receive the industry leadership, expertise, products and services you need to grow your car wash business from the ground up.

Sonny’s CarWashConsulting

Invest with Confidence

Sonny’s CarWash Consulting will deliver a thorough survey of your site’s potential to perform in the market, complete with a written analysis of market demographic characteristics and local competition.

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Expert Guidance to help you go from breaking ground to groundbreaking performance.

  • Select a property that supports your business objectives
  • Determine when your car wash will become profitable

Site Evaluations

Written analysis of demographics and competition to make informed decisions.

Pro Forma Projections

Calculate if your site’s characteristics will support your business goals.

Pre-Construction Support

Avoid project delays with our assistance in pre-construction meetings.

Car Wash Equipment Audit

Elevate wash performance with the optimal equipment combination.

Sonny’s CarWashMarketingby: SLAM

Win Every Customer

Whether you’re looking for some advice or you’re in search of a marketing agency that can handle every aspect of your marketing strategy and implementation, we have you covered. Our in-house team of marketers, producers, writers, designers, and developers are here to help you grow your business.

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We’re the CarWash Marketing Experts

  • Logo, Branding & Design
  • Video & Photography
  • Digital Advertising
  • Web Design
  • Unlimited Club Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Sync Reputation Management
  • Tracking & Reporting

Logo, Branding & Design

Give customers the confidence to choose your wash over the competition

Video & Photography

Grow your customer base with powerful content expertly delivered.

Digital Advertising

Get the right message, to the right people, at the right time..

Web Design

Get found first online with our mobile friendly websites optimized for local search.

Unlimited Club Marketing

Drive memberships and decrease churn with customized campaigns.

Social Media

Stay on your customer’s mind with full-service social media management.

SYNC Reputation Manager

Manage and improve online reviews, location listings and mentions.

Tracking & Reporting

Be confident that every dollar you spend on marketing moves the needle to increased profits.

Sonny’s CarWashSignage by: Mr. Foamer

Increase Your Ticket

Sonny’s CarWash Signage has successfully transformed hundreds of car wash sites from average to extraordinary by combining industry best practices to win more customers and leave the competition behind.

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Custom branded signage, lighting and foamers to create a value proposition and onsite experience that dominates.

  • Craft a brand that gives you a competitive advantage
  • Choose a partner that can keep you ahead of the curve

LED Lighting

Strong. Simple. Compact. Innovative LED lighting engineered for car wash tunnels.

Menu Design

Raise your average ticket with car wash menu designs that compel customers to purchase your top package.

Site Signage

Have Sonny’s experienced designers create everything from instruction signs to arches and digital menus.

Sonny’s CarWashCollege

Master Your Your Trade

Sonny’s CarWash College participants receive real training with real testing and certification to ensure your staff will gain the necessary skills to make a positive impact within your operation.

Get Started

Comprehensive hands-on training to plan, manage, maintain and grow your business.

  • Create raving fans with a consistent quality service
  • Create raving fans with a consistent quality service

Equipment Repair

Reduce business crippling downtime by taking control of emergencies.

Equipment Maintenance

Prevent downtime, extend equipment life, and simplify preventive maintenance.


Maximize employee productivity and elevate customer satisfaction.

Multi-site Management

Deliver a consistent customer experience across locations.

Don’t Limit Your Ability to Stand Out

When looking to create an iconic look and feel to your building to support your brand – why restrict your options? Sonny’s will work together with the vendor or architect you select so you’re never locked into a solution that doesn’t deliver everything you need.

Pre-Fabricated Car Wash Buildings

We work with leading vendors to deliver a world-class car wash structure that dazzles your customers and eclipses your competition without the high cost and lead times associated with traditional building construction.

Architect & Car Wash Contractor

We can help you either hire an architect and a general contractor separately or select a design-build firm as a one-stop solution for a block and stick building to create a distinct design for your business.