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We are true manufacturers, not just an assembly house, which allows us to be instantly market responsive with new product innovations, better equipment quality, and faster delivery.

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Trusted leadership from the world’s largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash equipment.

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  • Open source engineering for easy repair

Tunnel Systems

Sonny’s car wash tunnel systems are designed to deliver the highest quality car wash — even at peak volume.

Wash Components

Sonny’s car wash equipment is engineered to deliver unmatched performance, safety and reliability – car after car.

Support Equipment

Sonny’s is your one-stop shop with a complete line of equipment to support every aspect of your operation.

Maximize Your Potential

Whether it’s a C-store, Auto Dealer or a large-volume express exterior tunnel, we work with you to create an efficient and eye-pleasing site that’s easy to navigate and maintain. After careful assessment of your site’s potential for revenue and usage, Sonny’s consultants will guide you as to how to best utilize the site based on anticipated traffic volume and other market factors.

Express-Exterior Car Washes

Express Exterior washes utilize longer tunnels; often over 100 feet. Customers pay at an automated greeter and drive themselves onto the conveyor under the guidance of an attendant. These high-volume locations approach the market with a value-priced base wash and free self-serve vacuums. They are normally located on streets with high traffic counts, feature multiple greeters and entry lanes, and are the primary business for a given property.

Automotive Dealerships & Fleet Car Washes

Whether you need to slash labor costs, generate incremental revenue, or improve consistency and throughput, Sonny’s can help you plan, install and maintain a drive-thru fleet wash or stand-alone car wash. We are here to help Auto Dealers resolve unique challenges with washing cars to boost CSI and profits.

Flex-Serve Car Washes

As with an Express Exterior, customers can select higher wash packages at the automated attendant, with tire dressing and other extra exterior detailing services delivered by equipment online. The customer then has the option to exit directly or add quick interior and exterior services, requiring 15 minutes or less to complete. If space permits, additional detailing options requiring more time can be offered.

Gas / C-Store Car Washes

The car wash convenience factor can increase your profit margin. Run a highly profitable business from not one, but three revenue streams – gas, convenience store and car wash – all on the same property. Sonny’s can help you advance your Gas Station or C-Store operation with car wash planning, installation, maintenance, and training of employees.

We Support Your Vision to Compete

Sonny’s engineers equipment to support your vision of success. Every component is available in your choice of electric or hydraulic drive where possible and whether you’re looking for the proven durability of a traditional roller and chain conveyor or want to stand out in your market with a dual belt transporter we offer both and can guide you to selecting the vehicle transport system best suited to your market and operational preferences.

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