Car Wash Controls To Increase Revenue and Cut Costs Across Locations

Sonny’s CarWash Controls makes managing operations, controlling costs and elevating customer experience across your locations easy – with a simple to use interface that lets you focus on business not technology.

Sonny’s CarWashControls

Drive Business Forward

Manage operations and cut costs across all of your locations with Linux based security to protect you from threats with an intuitive interface that enables you and your team to focus on managing your business.

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Complete car wash management technology to deliver efficiency and profitability across your locations.

  • Control Operations in Real Time
  • Replace Labor with Automation

POS Systems

Pay Stations & LPR

Tunnel Controllers

Digital Menus

Control Operations in Real Time

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Replace Labor with LPR License Plate Recognition

Help customers buy more, more often. Sonny’s integrated e-commerce, pay station and License Plate Recognition (LPR) combine to let you sell wash cards and unlimited plans from anywhere, at any time, allowing customers to shop the way they prefer.

Control Operations in Real Time

Compare daily, monthly, and/or annual site metrics with simple, at-a-glance reports. You’ll have the information you need to make quick operational decisions on the fly, saving you time and money. Access all Back-Office features from your phone or tablet.

Captivate with Digital Menus

Upsell your top packages and additional services with expertly-crafted motion graphics and a highly visible menu that’s easy to customize and update. Feature manager’s specials, discounts and other promotions without distracting from the core menu.

Watch your menu change in real-time. All digital menu content is fully managed by Sonny’s Controls team, eliminating the need to host a server on-site. Make as many updates as you wish – across as many sites as you need.

Cloud-Based PLC Tunnel Controller

Sonny’s Tunnel Controller can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from an internet connected device, giving you the flexibility to make adjustments to the configuration and timing while at the car wash or offsite.

Program anything from mirror bumps to scheduling the activation of irrigation systems with top-of-the-line hardware from leading PLC and industrial automation manufacturers to ensure optimal reliability.

Integrated E-commerce

Help customers buy more from you more often with less labor. Sonny’s integrated e-commerce option extends your ability to sell from the POS directly to your website. Sales, credit card processing, account management and product maintenance are all controlled by Sonny’s POS so you’re always secure and in sync while letting your customers shop the way they prefer.

Pay Station

Sonny’s Pay Station does it all. Quickly process cash or credit transactions, sell or redeem unlimited memberships, process house accounts, dispense gift cards and more. All bundled in a stainless-steel enclosure designed to protect your investment.