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Earning customer loyalty requires more than quality equipment and chemicals – it demands an onsite partner to keep you ahead of environmental changes and identify opportunities to outshine the competition.

Sonny’s CarWashChemistryby: DiamondShine

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Sonny’s CarWash Chemistry features Diamond Shine’s complete series of premium products specifically formulated for tunnel car wash systems to deliver superior results.

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The most convenient and accurate way to deliver a clean, dry and shiny car.

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Sonny’s experts don’t just replenish inventory, they evaluate each detail every visit to ensure perfect results every time.

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Top-quality products that deliver a visibly superior shine improving customer retention and average ticket.

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Site signage that helps customers see the value in the cleaning products, upselling easily to boost your profit margins.

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Accuracy You Can See

Sonny’s Bullseye™ concentrate delivery system with patented on-tank rulers takes the guesswork out of measuring your cost-per-car. Each Bullseye storage tank accommodates our convenient and safe induction-sealed 2.5 gallon concentrate containers to maximize storage space and reduce costly spills. Short on space? Bullseye™ chemistry maximizes storage space by 500% or more!

Increase Your Average Ticket

The Fusion™ process is designed to give you a competitive edge and increase your ticket average by turning your top tunnel packages into a can’t-miss customer experience. The Fusion™ process delivers a visibly noticeable hand wax quality shine and paint protection in an online application.



Fusion Bath

Step 1

Following the high pH presoak, the Fusion Bath loosens any remaining contaminants and cleans the surface of the car. A sheet of foam is used to give the sensation of being completely encased in a blanket of soap and to put on a good show for both the current and upcoming customers. The chemical used here is the first of two low pH applications that neutralizes the presoak and prepares the vehicle for the next step of the process that continues to lower the pH of the vehicle’s surface.

Fusion Prime

Step 2

Fusion Prime is an ultra-low pH chemical that readies the surface of the vehicle for better adherence of the upcoming sealant and at the same time makes the painted surfaces really shine. Here, a stream provides better impingement of the chemistry on the vehicle to make sure all of the surfaces receive the treatment.

Fusion Rinse

Step 3

Fusion Rinse is a thin sheet of water with a chemical additive that helps dissipate any remaining foam on the vehicle. This step clears out the vehicles crevices and removes any left behind soap or hard water in preparation for the upcoming paint sealant.

Fusion Seal

Step 4

Fusion Seal is a paint sealant that, with the help of the Fusion Prime, bonds with the vehicle’s paint to capture the shine and smooth out the surfaces. It forms a glossy shell that protects the paint against UV rays and contaminants. Applying it in a stream of droplets ensures the chemical penetrates and completely coats all surfaces.

Fusion Wax

Step 5

Fusion Wax provides an additional layer of protection on top of the sealant that helps the vehicle retain the benefits of the full Fusion Process for a longer period of time. The customer can feel the layer of wax that adheres to the vehicle. The use of a light and foamy application helps dissipate the wax so that it runs over all of the surfaces of the vehicle and provides an even coating.

Fusion Rain Repel

Step 6

Fusion Rain Repel is the glass specific step of the Fusion Process. The applicators are targeted at the glass surfaces of the vehicle and apply the chemical in a fanned spray. Once the Fusion Rain Repel is applied, water will bead and run off of the glass providing additional safety and visibility in adverse conditions.